History of the Book of Joshua

The Book of Joshua is the first history book of the Bible. It has 24 chapters which are divided into two basic sections. The first section is about Joshua listening to God and moving the Israelites into the promised land. The most popular battle is the march around Jericho in chapter 6. The advancement of Israel throughout Canaan marks the events of the first section ending in the first verses of chapter 13. The settlement of Israel starts at chapter 13 verse 8 and finalizes in chapter 24 verse 33. The final chapters 22-24 record the continued successful settlement in Canaan.

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Through several trials and near civil war amongst the Israelites, Joshua preaches a moving sermon that made Israel realize that blessings come from God and they need to keep their allegiance to the covenant. The final chapter (Joshua 24:29) tells of Joshua's death after living 110 years.

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